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From the Office of Wan Ahmad Fayhsal

Stop objectifying individuals, leave Farah Ann alone!

Tuesday, Jul 27

I view with grave concern of the unacceptably sexist, misogynist remarks thrown at one of our country’s athletes and national pride, Saudari Farah Ann Abdul Hadi.

The Olympic Games is one of the most awaited moments by citizens of the globe, of which I may include the FIFA World Cup and Rugby World Cup (the latter is probably my own personal bias).

In these tough times, it is also a respite from the ongoing crisis, as well a joyous time where everyone regardless of racial, religious or political divide can come together as Malaysians.

If anything, anyone who carries the Jalur Gemilang to the Olympiad deserves not only our full support and prayer, but also the respect and dignity accorded to national flag itself.

To objectify and sexualise any individual is morally repugnant in itself. To do so to a national heroine while she is giving her best on an international stage is utterly disgusting, shamefully malicious, unpatriotic, and deserving only the strongest of condemnation from all Malaysians.

Therefore, I urge all Malaysians to join me in calling out these disgraceful acts. Members of the public who come across such behaviour online are also encouraged to report such acts to the social media platform itself or to the Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission under Section 233 of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1988 (Act 588) at: https://aduan.skmm.gov.my/

To Saudari Farah Ann and our other athletes in Tokyo, I would like to assure all of you that Malaysians stand with you. Have no worry and make our nation proud!

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